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23 February 2018
James King
Added button prompts for prev / next leaderboard mode Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity
core scaleXY pattern determines core look time, not the layer core react react when shot
22 February 2018
sweat drop octopus core visuals; core layer opacity modifiers and charge modifiers pattern shootFinishLookTime
core shootSpinSpeed core shootWobble core shoot jitter core layers fade out after being destroyed
21 February 2018
core kickback when shooting
patterns determine volley delay once; cores look in aim direction between volleys pattern determines aim angle continuously while charging json params for core charge aiming zoomed in camera a bit fixed gear spinning
pixelgroup coloring partial class charging color separate from shoot color, refactored core colors core charging color easing type
modifiying core values pattern param anchorVel changed how cores aim their look while charging a pattern modify core layer values when pixelgroup shoots fixed menu core size
20 February 2018
menu planets look at focus point better planet cores use raw delta time for wandering core flinch when hit cores only flinch when damaged renamed core wobble to bounce fixed a nullref when holding left trigger and entering stage core wobble renamed core dynamiclayers tweaked damage flinch, core EffectScale not applied to stage nodes
19 February 2018
streamlined core glow a bit separate core shoot color, fixed bullet size bug core shoot flash, fixed core shoot percent core shoot flash applied to correct layers fixed rapid core shoot color can have more than one pixelgroup flash at a time fixed fuse wall lasers flashing fixed default pixelgroup colors couple other pixelgroup tint tweaks
18 February 2018
fixed pattern arc angle
cores look in a direction while charging removed pointless PixelGroup.UseOverlayColor removed and renamed some core tinting stuff pixelgroup color targets need to be requested
17 February 2018
mine shrapnel uses fan func can tell corecontrollers where to look cores can temporarily look a direction core lookspeed modifier core flinch core wander core smooth wander
16 February 2018
James King
Fixed another planet navigation on click bug
Fixed clicking outside of leaderboard while replay is selected Fixed bug when button prompt overlaps a planet
Clicking button prompts will now always have an effect Fixed button prompts not listening for clicks in some cases
Added missing tooltip strings
Fixed resolution option capitalisation Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity Tooltips are now top-aligned
Tooltips now fade in / out Inspector fields for tooltip fading Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity
tweaked tooltip fade values
renamed some bullet pattern vars reworked lots of pattern recipe stuff - bullets can be subdivided into fan or parallel shapes
mine shrapnel collides with player mine pattern start angle fixed mine tweaks Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity bullets can be repelled from units
15 February 2018
James King
Fixed tooltip position for small-width options items Added option tooltip strings Added tooltips for control bindings
Added options menu tooltip display Moved to Unity 5.6.3p4
patternNum tracked for each different pattern mine shrapnel changes angle each time mine warning fixed a bullet looping bug and made looping syntax simpler fixed issue with mine looping fixed some mine bullet issues
13 February 2018
bullet pattern velocityFunc, mine bullet powerup pattern/bullet levels powerup bullets get level param bullet pxcDamageFunc Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity turn off floaters again
12 February 2018
James King
Fixed confirmation prompt not working while paused
Updated Facepunch.Steamworks Got rid of some repetition when loading replays Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity
Exit / menu / retry confirmation prompt
Removed WebSocketSharp reference
Removed NUnit reference
Replay timestamps are now in ISO 8601
fixed lasers in edifice stage
timescale hander can go above 1f added bit of leniency time before clearing player gun requested patterns Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity maybe fixed start-of-stage input issue Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity
grenade shrapnel grenade reacts with a different pattern depending on whether it impacts pxc or not tweaked grenade bullet, fixed bullet despawn issue
11 February 2018
converted damage powerup to strong bullet grenade bullet removed unnecessary bullet reaction vars and rename startReaction to keyframeReaction mostly fixed visuals on temp effects bullet despawn reaction
10 February 2018
renamed bullet effects to bullet reactions player default gun shoot callback for powerups splash powerup levels replaced old splash powerup tweaked splash bullet visuals
9 February 2018
player strong bullet splash damage and impact effect bullet hit player/pxc sfx fix bullet shot counter only clear imported in setup while in editor splash doesnt affect invuln pixels specific bullet shoot and impact sfx bullet impact effects are now patterns
8 February 2018
player gun shoots diff types of bullets Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity player_guns disabledshooting property player default gun can request diff bullet
player muzzle flash offset muzzle flash color fixed unnecessary bullet imports and allocations bullet/patterns forgotten when stage restarted bullet pattern caches effect
player gun fires patterns instead of individual bullets
James King
Fixed another weird menu navigation case
7 February 2018
James King
Started work on options menu tooltips
Fixed needing to restart the stage to update timer visibility Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity
creepy sound effect when fuse enemies get enraged solved a timer bug
6 February 2018
fuse boss freed attacks fuse enemy spinner fuse enemy stops patterns when ending enrage changed glass pixel damaged color and wobbly bullet rng on Nautilus fuse balancing, fix for controller input not being recognized when first starting Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity
James King
Fixed options icon snapping Fixed some other options icon jerkiness
Fixed re-pausing after submitting a comment
Fixed planet navigation bug when rapidly switching
5 February 2018
James King
Comment count invalidation Read comments persistence
Working on comment counts in leaderboards Comment count fixes
Fixed cores not resizing while paused Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity
Added EasedValue<T>, EasedFloat, EasedRotation, EasedVector2 Moved ReplayDiagnostics._isInFixedUpdate to GameManager Example usage of EasedValue<T>
tweaked fuse enemy spokes pattern/bullets fixed fuse simple bullet glow enrage bullet shot for each enemy Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity
4 February 2018
pixelgroup overlay color fix remember last input type when starting stage fuse transform bullet moves to enemy pos fuse enemy base class transformed unit moves toward player fixed unit facing issues fuse unit lerps color when enraged
2 February 2018
James King
Fixed rebinding arrow keys causing options menu navigation
Cores animate more when focussed Options menu is no longer auto-focussed when navigated to Added close prompt in options menu
Planet UI border highlights when focussed Now using glow scale for planet UI highlight on focus Other planets / links darken when selecting a planet Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity
fuse boss sets position directly instead of using velocity fuse bullet subfolders Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Facepunch/SpaceUsurperUnity fixed fuse wall debug hp
1 February 2018
James King
Fix for possible case where a level is completed but the next levels aren't unlocked
Can now specify visibility conditions for rebindable controls
hide lock mouse binding when not enabled
tweaked fuse enemy aoe attack fuse glass break sfx changelog
fixed laser spawning too many particles when slowmo fuse wall repulsion circles fuse enemy line bullet impact effect
fuse wall studs fuse glass, boss moves a bit fuse glass shader tweaked fuse glass explosion fixed lasers not hitting pixels on the edge of a pxc fuse boss bobs more as it loses pixels