About Space Usurper

Destroy the individual pixels of enemies while dodging their bullets. Complete levels as fast as possible to top the leaderboards and view replays of other players. Low friction to start playing and quick restarts after dying.

A bullet-hell game with some differences: your ship has inertia instead of direct movement, enemies have to be attacked in different ways, and there are no confusing scoring systems or difficulty levels.


Project State Prototyping
Website http://spaceusurper.facepunch.com/
Press Contact press@facepunch.com
Game Engine Unity 5.6
Mailing List Link

The first version of Space Usurper was made for the (currently abandoned) Approval collection of minigames:

The second version was released in Facepunch Prototypes:

The main new feature was that enemies were designed and shared as a .png image. Though this version got a lot of positive feedback not many people used the .png feature and it has not made the jump to the third (and hopefully final) version.

Team Space Usurper

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